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SRA offers three categories of Membership

Retailers operating in Singapore may join as Ordinary Members (B2C). All the biggest retailers in Singapore are Ordinary Members, we also have arts and crafts dealers, bookstores, IT vendors, florists, food retailers, fashion boutiques and online retailers.

Firms that are not in the retail trade but have close relations with us may join as Associate Members (B2B). They enjoy the same benefits as Ordinary Members, but cannot vote at the AGM.

Publishing houses, credit and charge card companies, real estate agencies, wholesalers, distributors and manufacturers have joined SRA as Associate Members.

Foreign / overseas retailers and retail related companies who do not have any operations in Singapore but are interested in tapping into our widely spanned retail network, may join as Affiliate Members. Like the Associate Members, they benefit from our services, but cannot vote.

Entrance Fee and Subscription Rates:

The entrance fee and subscription rates are scaled to meet the different sizes of companies. Thus no company is too small to be a member of the Association.

The entrance fee and subscription rates are as follows:

* Fees quoted are subject to 7% Goods and Services Tax

* GST does not apply to Affiliate (overseas) Membership


*To join simply complete the Membership Application Form

We look forward to welcoming you to the Association!

Please refer to the SRA Constitution & Rules in the attached PDF File below