SRA Training Programmes

Training and Courses

SRA conducts SDF and WSQ-Accredited retail-related training courses as listed below, which are also Skillsfuture Credit approved.

Contact for more details : Elise at Tel: 6360 0182  or email: 



One of the aims of the Institute is to provide in-house, customised or contextualised training and consultancy services to retailers to help them improve their business efficiency and productivity.

  • The Institute has consolidated a pool of associate consultants and trainers who are always ready to impart their skills, knowledge and experience to companies who are interested to hold in-house consultancy and training.
  • The trainers/consultants are selected among professionals and experts in the areas of retailing and  human resources development
  • For customised in-house training and / or consultancy services please contact : Tel: 6360 0182    E-mail:


Our Suite of Courses are listed below:

Singapore Retailers Association in-house Courses

  • Fundamentals of Successful Visual Merchandising 
  • Service English for Retail Professionals


Skills Development Fund (SDF) Supported Courses

Course Fee Subsidies and Absentee Payroll Funding are available for employers sponsoring employees who are either a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident.

  • THE ART of Retail Selling 
  • THE ART of Service


The Singapore Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) Accredited Certificate Courses

  • Project a Professional and Confident Image  
  • Interact and Engage Customers with Confidence 
  • Handle Retail After-sales Services
  • Handle Merchandise Display Effectively
  • Work Effectively in the Retail Environment


Programme Highlights


The course will enable participants to understand the principle elements and importance of visual merchandising in order to appeal to the needs of customers. Topics covered include:

  • The strategic significance of visual merchandising
  • The retail environment which includes customers, retail mix, display techniques and effective use of colours and lighting
  • Practical assessment of visual merchandising
  • Putting visual merchandising into practical use



This programme is designed to equip retail workers with the ability to listen and speak English confidently with customers of different cultures, as well as to use appropriate phrases and vocabulary in retail situations. At the end of the course, they will be able to use Service English to interact with customers effectively and professionally. Topics covered include:

  • Pre-Course Assessment
  • Approach & Welcome the Customer
  • Identify Customer’s Needs
  • Features & Benefits of the Product/Service
  • Handle Customer’s Objections
  • Suggestive and Referral Selling
  • Closing the Sale
  • Handle Payment
  • Handle Complaints, Refunds & Exchanges
  • Post-Course Assessment



The course will equip retail sales and service personnel with effective retail selling skills so that they can become confident and professional in approaching customers and sell. Topics covered include:

Understanding the Retail Environment & Knowing My Customers

  • Changes in the Retail Environment gives rise to a change in the perception and expectation of customers on Singapore’s level of retail service. Ultimately knowing your customers means the first step to meeting your customers’ needs through the selling paradigm shift.

Engaging My Customers Though Effective Sales Techniques 

  • We strongly believed in generating great sales through customer-centric selling. This section will enable participants to learn how to correctly “read” your customers, and effectively address the sales process with a Customers’ First Mindset with proven key techniques. 

Enhancing My Bottom line with Increased Sales 

  • A simple recommendation to spur an additional purchase has the potential to increase the overall profits greatly for an organization. In this third segment of the programme, participants will be guided to effectively execute techniques that will benefit the customers and bring on more sales.

Delighting & Bonding with My Customers

  • Delighting your customers time over time will keep them returning to the store! This concluding segment includes practical techniques to create great customer experiences to bond and win their loyalty. 



The workshop aims to enhance the skill levels of front-line retail workers in the provision of excellent service to anyone whom they come into contact with at work. It also aims to instill theArt of Service mindset with emphasis on creating positive experiences for the customer. Topics covered include:

Secrets of Success of the SRA Retail Service SuperStar Revealed

  • First time in the history of SRAIR, we are sharing the Secrets of Success of the SRA Retail Service SuperStar with participants.

Application of the TAOS Model

  • SRA shares THE ART of Service Model  (4Ps of TAOS + MOTs) created into a model for easy learning and application. Participants will discover the secrets to excellent service through the utilization of the TAOS model.
  • 4Ps of TAOS - Proficiency, Professionalism, Passion and Pride

Moments of Truth (MOTs) - Turning important touch points into the best MOTs’ experiences for customers

  • Instilling Positive MOTs - Crucial MOTs - Make or Break your Sales!
  • Enhancing Crucial MOTs into memorable, impactful, positive moments.