SRA SME eComm Accelerator Programme

Thank you for the overwhelming response and participation!

SRA SME eComm Accelerator Programme was a huge success and check out below on what our participants have to say!

SRA SME eComm Accelerator Programme - a comprehensive Practitioner-led Learning & Consultancy E-comm programme by SRA, heavily funded by WSG, Specifically for SMEs only   SME SC/PR pays only $387.55 per pax. Limited to 2 pax per SME company – one “strategist” and one hands-on.


SRA SME  eComm Accelerator Programme (Post Event Review) 


In the age of business disrupting technologies, organizations have to be quick to adapt to thrive in this highly competitive landscape.  Statistics show 3 in 5 Singaporeans are online shoppers, with a 60% e-Commerce penetration rate which attributes to an astounding 11.2% forecasted growth in the e-Commerce space over the next 5 years Source - SBR.

The need for the workforce to transit into this digitally enabled environment has never been more prevalent.

With this backdrop, the SRA has successfully conducted a class of 32 participants from 23 companies, with 20 SME companies in the SRA SME eComm Accelerator Programme.

This 6-day course, spread over 6 weeks from 4 July to 15 Aug, was taught by established practitioners, covering key topics in both training and consultancy such as e-commerce strategy planning, cyber security, eMarketplaces, logistics and order fulfilment, marketing automation, social media and SEO etc.


Here are what some of our homegrown SME participants have to say about the SRA SME eCommerce Accelerator Programme:


"This programme not only serves as a good platform for SMEs to discover and explore the wonders of e-commerce but also provide a stepping stone towards implementation."

Ms Janet Tan, Business Development Executive, Nila Singapore Pte Ltd.


“The SRA SME eCommerce Accelerator Programme provided a much-needed platform and forum for an amateur ecommerce player such as ourselves to pick up on frameworks to help us rethink and refine our e-commerce strategy and operational structure.”

Mr Eugene Lim, Head of Marketing, Home-Fix D.I.Y Pte Ltd.


“The comprehensiveness of the content delivered will greatly aid in the adopting of new technology solutions into streamlining our daily operations.”

Dahshaini D/O Selvaraj, Assistant Manager (Digital Marketing) Fitlion Pte Ltd.


Having developed their implementation plans, these companies will forge forth in their e-commerce journey, armed with better understanding, clarity and direction.

We look forward to conducting more runs in future.




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Posted Date:  22 Jun 2017