Excellent Service Awards (Retail)

Excellent Service Awards (Retail) 

SRA is happy to annouce that nominations for Excellent Service Awards (Retail) 2017 are now open!

All retailers in Singapore are invited to nominate their staff for service excellence.

Contact SRA at Tel: 6334 5223 or email to serena@sra.org.sg


Launched in 1994, the Excellent Service Awards (EXSA) is an annual national award that recognises individuals who have delivered quality service. It seeks to develop service models for others to emulate and to create service champions.


EXSA is managed by 6 industry lead bodies ( Singapore Retailers Association, Association of Singapore Attractions, Land Transport Authority, Restaurant Association of Singapore, Singapore Hotel Association, Association of Banks in Singapore) and supported by SPRING Singapore.


Organisations with EXSA winners are committed to achieving service excellence. They seek to deliver superior service through service champions in their organisations.


Award Objectives

  • Inspire service staff to scale new heights
  • Identify service role models
  • Encourage service champions
  • Recognise the efforts of service staff


The Excellent Service Award is conferred at three levels:

  • Silver Award
  • Gold Award
  • Star Award


Award recipients will be presented with certificates and Excellent Service Award pins which they can wear daily to distinguish themselves as service role models.


Eligibility Criteria

  • Organisations in the 7 industries can nominate individuals for any of the award levels as long as they are eligible and meet the respective criteria.
    • To apply for any category of award, individuals must have:
  • at least 1 year of service with the nominating organisation
  • attended at least 1 Service Skill Upgrading programme in the past year. The Service Skill Upgrading programme can include any structured programme related to service delivery and service excellence.
  • The validity of all the award categories is for 1 year. Individuals who receive the award may be nominated for the same or different award category in the following year.


The Excellent Service Awards are open to all individuals from all levels in the organisation. Nominees must meet the following criteria: (Qualifying period - 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017)




Silver Award

Gold Award

Star Award


Customer Compliments

This criterion includes compliments from both internal and external customers


Received at least 2 compliments in the past year

Received at least 3 compliments in the past year

Received at least 5 compliments in the past year



This criterion includes both internal and external service-related awards conferred


Received at least 1 service-related award in the past year (1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017)

Received at least 2 service-related awards in the last 3 years (1 April 2014 to 31 March 2017)


Contribution to Service Improvement

Nominees would need to indicate the suggestions they have made as this demonstrates that they have service improvement mindset



Made suggestions that contribute to improvements in service


Companies belonging to these industries are eligible to participate in the awards:

  • Attractions
  • Banking
  • Hospitality


  • Land Transport
  • Public Service


  • Retail
  • Restaurant


The Singapore Retailers Association is the industry lead body for the Retail sector and to whom all retail nominations are submitted.  Through the years, the number of winners has grown from strength to strength. The first batch of EXSA recipients in 1995 consisted of 166 winners from the retail sector. This has grown to 2,907 winners in 2016.  This year’s recipients comprise 1,632 are Silver, 839 Gold and 436 Star award winners, with a total of 124 companies participating in the EXSA movement this year.


SRA Service SuperStar Award

The SRA Service SuperStar Award is the epitome of Service Excellence and only ONE is awarded to the Best of the EXSA Star Award Recipients in the Retail Industry.


Qualifying Criteria

  • At least 5 Customer Compliments in the past year 
  • At least 2 Service Awards in last 3 years         
  • Suggestions that contribute to Service Improvements
  • Winners of SRA Service SuperStar can be nominated again after a 3-year window



  • The judging panel comprises members from academia, association, adult learning and consultancy
  • Evaluation is based on a list of characteristics which embodies service excellence, namely, Passion for retail, Compassion, Professionalism, “Can Do” Attitude, Initiative, Customer-Centric Mindset, Going Beyond The Extra Mile to WOW Customers, Ability to turn complaints into opportunities, Leadership Qualities.