SRA ACE Programme

SRA Achievement in Customer Experience Programme

(SRA ACE Programme)

Singapore's First Omni-Channel Mystery Shopping Programme for the Retail Industry



Guided by SRA’s primary objective to help retailers improve business standards, professionalism, and productivity, SRA recognises that it is an ongoing journey in enhancing retailers’ service standards and customer’s shopping experiences, which we are fully committed to.

With the changing retail landscape, greater customer expectation on shopping experiences, an advent of social media, coupled with the growing reach of online retailing, SRA has reassessed the function of mystery shopping for relevancy in meeting today’s challenging customer experience from an Omni-Channel perspective.

SRA introduces Singapore's First Omni-Channel Mystery Shopping Programme for the Retail Industry - SRA Achievement in Customer Experience Programme, or the SRA ACE Programme.

The SRA ACE Programme aims to set industry and sectoral benchmarks for service delivery, enabling companies to compare against competitors, understand their strengths and weaknesses across multi-channel touch points.


Objectives of SRA ACE

  • To identify and measure the critical factors that impact customer experience
  • To include omni-channel perspectives to key touch points for relevancy
  • To provide participating retailers with a report that facilitates analysis, benchmarking, and leads to actionable steps that will continuously enhance service levels
  • To recognize outstanding retailers for being quality service providers

 Assessment Periods

 There are 2 assessment periods per year, with each assessment period spanning a duration of 3 months

  • December to March
  • July to September


The retail industry is a non-homogenous entity, with different segments within the retail industry being quite different from each other.  As such, the SRA ACE programme will introduce benchmarks for each industry segment, so that each retailer can also benchmark itself against others of the same category.

 Below are the key categories listed within the SRA ACE programme:

  • Computer & Accessories (CA)
  • Consumer Services (CS)
  • Cosmetics & Wellness (CW)
  • Departmental Stores (DS)
  • Electricals & Electronics (EE)
  • Fashion & Accessories (FA)
  • Fashion & Accessories – High Fashion (HF)
  • Furniture & Furnishing (FF)
  • Luxury Watches & Jewellery (LWJ)
  • Supermarkets / Hypermarkets (HM)
  • Telecommunications (TEL)


The SRA ACE Programme aims to help retailers enhance their service skills based on the service gaps identified from the mystery audits, which spans Brick & Mortar, Customer Service Emails, Store Telephone lines, Company Websites as well as Social Media Engagement, empowering retailers to embark upon their retail service excellence journey for the next lap.   

Assessment Criteria

The SRA ACE Programme walks the shopper through the entire customer journey, with the mystery auditor assessing each Service Attribute with a guided audit form. The key service attributes for the Brick and Mortar stores include Staff Appearance, Arrival Greetings, Understanding Needs, Product Presentation, Payment, Closing & Farewell and Environment.

The value-added audits include touch points such as Telephone Handling, Email Responsiveness & Etiquette, Online Platforms Management, with Customer Propensity as the capstone of the audit.

Mystery Shoppers

Mystery shoppers will map the customer profiles of participating retailers. Training and guidance will be appropriately provided to the team mystery shoppers who will then be sent to the outlets of participating retailers to conduct.

Results Analysis

Once the mystery shop assessments have been completed, the data will be analyzed as follows:

·         Overall performance by the retailer, as compared with the previous period (where applicable)

·         Benchmark of the segment within which the participating retailer belongs

·         Performance of the retailer against this benchmark for the segment

Survey Findings

All participating companies will receive a compilation of the mystery shopping results, indicating the respective sectoral benchmarks and how the respective participating retailers measure up against that benchmark.

The report will indicate the overall performance against the benchmark, as well as the performance of each service attribute.  This report will help the participating retailer identify the areas of strengths and weaknesses so that specific issues can be addressed for improvement.

The report for subsequent assessment periods will also track the trend for each company, showing areas where improvements have been made, or where performance has slipped.

Recognition Scheme

To further recognize and publicize companies’ outstanding service achievements, SRA has introduced a recognition scheme. The best performer of each category will be awarded Platinum ACE Award status, whilst those who rate within 5 percentage points of the top performer will be accorded Titanium ACE Award status. The Platinum ACE company should have a minimum performance score of 70% to qualify as a Platinum ACE.

The Gold ACE Award will be a much-coveted award for the top performing retailer with the best improvement over 4 cycles.

In the event where there are less than 3 participating companies for any particular category, the Platinum ACE Award and Titanium ACE Awards may not be given due to lack of sufficient competition within the category.

The Platinum ACE, Titanium ACE and Gold ACE will be provided with decals for use in their storefronts, as well as logos in their advertisements, etc


Please note that SRA will be revising the SRA ACE pricing schedule for Cycle 5 (assessment period Jan 2018 to Mar 2018) onwards. 

For more information, please contact Ms Elise Lee at Tel: 6360 0182 or email .